1.Дополните предложения и с ними не согласны.
Example: the boy is reading.- the boy is not reading
Пример: мальчик читает - мальчик не читает.
1)Tom ______ looking at the picture. __________________________
2)Pam_______skipping in the room._________________________
3)The cats_____sitting on the bed._______________________
4)The children_________jumping._______________________
2. составьте предложения
1) sam not sitting the sofa is on
2)are playing the cats not
3)mother not my cooking is
4)reading her are friends not
3. угадать слово b..b..o..m


Ответы и объяснения

1.Tom is looking at the picture. Tom isn't looking at the picture. 
2. Pam is skipping in the room. Pam in't skipping in the room.
The cats are sitting on the bed. The cats aren't sitting on the bed.
The children are jumping. The children aren't jumping.
1. Sam is not sitting on the sofa.
2. The cats are not playing.
3. My mother is not cooking.
4. Her friends are not reading.