Помогите исправить ошибки в предложениях. ПОЖАЛУЙСТА
1.You sit down here can.2. You can phone your mother.3. We can go to the cinema.4. Can I help you how. 5. Misha show you your room can. 6.You understand can Russian? 7. My husband take can your bags? 8. We take can you for a walk? 9. I cook can English food for you. 10.Can not my husband speak English. 11.You can call me Anna. 12. I call you Rob can?

You can sit down here .
You can phone your mother .
We can go to the cinema.
How can I help you ?
Misha can show you your room.
You can understand Russian ?
Your husband can take my bags ?
We can take you for a walk ?
I can cook English food for you.
My can"t husband speak English .
you can call me Anna .
I can call you Rob ?

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1 u can  sit down here
4 How i can help u?
5 Misha can show u your room.
6 Can u understand russian?
7 Can my husband take your bags?
8 Can we take u for a walk?
9 i can cook english food for u.
10 my husband can't speak english
11 Can i call u Rob?