Помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение на английском языке " описание своего дома"

ну ладно не подходит так не подходит
могла бы спс поставить или рейтинг за то что написал

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My home is my Castle.  The nemnogoslovnym saying we mean huge meaning.   When you're small, you do not want to live under the laws of the State of the family.  But, as an adult, you understand that these laws are needed.  This rule your Castle, your family, your home.  Every family has been the existence of certain laws, traditions.   You grow, vospityvaeš′sâ in her family, near his parents, brother, sister, you get a new attitude, a new way you perceive everything that happens.  See the first maminu smile, a smile of happiness.  In the family, you, love and hate, hate and love.  When you become a teenager you don't love, elder brother and sister.  Is six months, and again as usual.  You love them again and they always and everywhere.  Then years 7-8 you go away from his home, uletaeš′ of the slot where you grew up.  And, it seems, are you happy.  But another year goes by and still you again pulls in the old House, parents.  Where have you lived before and where you grew up, but nothing has changed.   The family is sacred.  In this House you grew up, made the first steps, said the first word.  And you must and must love and respect my family, parents.  Because they are obliged to their lives.  Your home is your Castle and you must defend it.  
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