помогите составить 3 предложения по теме: Gradable and non-gradable adjectives )


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Gradable adjectives

1)My teacher was very happy with my homework.

2)That website is reasonably popular. But this one is more popular.

3)He said that Holland was a little  cold and Denmark was rather cold. But Sweden was the coldest.

Non-gradable adjectives

1)It was freezing outside.

2)He is investing in nuclear energy.

3)Her exam results were absolutely awful. She will have to take the exam again.

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Gradable adjectives:

It's realy cold today, I prefer to stay at home. 

This task is quite easy for me. 

He was very little man,even when he was in high shoe.

Non-gradual adjectives:

She was envios in the 1 of october

Mark wanted to do extreme sport