1.поставте правильный предлог
John was looking ______________work as a manager.
John is fed up __________ all those tests.
No need to apologize____not writing just away.
They arrived________Moscow late at night.
She was sad____her FAiling exams.
2.составте предложения, используя глагол в надлежащей форме
1.When I _(to come) to his house,they_(to tell) me that he_(to leave ) an hour before.
2.They had a lot of fun_(to spend) their weekend in the mountains.
3.when you(to come) tomorrow,I (to give) you a magazine.
4.Mum said that dinner(to be) ready.
5.She(to speak) on mobile for 15 minutes already.


Ответы и объяснения

Первое будет for.Второе будет of. Третья я сомневаюс at. Четвертое from. Пятое of.
Первое came,2.Told, had leaft.
Второе spent
Третье will come am going to
Четвертое is
Пятое has spoken