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Конечно нужно, получишь вышку и люди к тебе относиться по другому будут, и работу норм найдёшь
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If we talk about whether higher education, it is necessary to disclose the question - and what for it is needed? By and large today, higher education is not compulsory or very necessary, without which man could not live or earn money to live.
It would seem like all so - higher education does not teach how, for example, trade TVs in Eldorado and even not to get any work in the specialty. It even does not teach how to become rich and famous. But what would the students sit in pairs, grading, write lab, answer the exams. Can really higher education takes extra 5 years (and now for 4 years), after which a person goes to work for the lowest position or not work at all, although it could work on it right after school, and could that look and start building your бизнес.Могу say to myself, because passed almost all stages of the education system. Of higher education is necessary and I realized after graduation. I shall tell a secret that I have a diploma with the working profession газоэлектросварщика 4 digits (and even one year he worked in Moscow as a welder). In addition, today I have a PhD degree and academic title, and am a professional переподготовку.Так now, periodically meet people, who studied with me in vocational schools. Among them there are such, that without higher education could open their business (helped brother, who is candidate of science), as well as get the same managers in Eldorado. But for the most part they all work in Moscow on стройках.Вот and occurs, it would seem reasonable question - why should higher education? People with higher education and people with secondary education are at the same level, and spent the first several times more valuable time on lectures, laboratory, items that directly would not need to жизни.Отличить the man who has a higher education, who does not have it, you can very easily, just by talking with him. We see immediately what he was talking about, what are his interests in life, what is its position etc. While communicating with students, I see that some higher education is not given in principle, it is difficult to perceive the information to operate with concepts. It seems that it would have been a good парикмахерша or кулинар.Подавляющее majority of respondents my friends (10 persons) - 8 believe that “today it is important” to have higher education, and only 2 hold the opposite view. Almost all my friends give higher education priority early employment and almost unanimously expressed their readiness to material cost of training in the future of their children. Such high prestige of higher education, I think, is primarily due to the fact that friends see it as the most important resource that dramatically increases the social mobility of the citizen and its competitiveness on the market труда.Скажу honestly, I agree that people receive higher education and expanded the level of work of his brain. Thus you must always remember about self-education, which should come from personal interests, and that the choice of occupation for the life of a person does not need to pass the responsibility on some external факторы.Получение higher education allows to develop in a person, the level of comprehension, his thoughts, his ideas about yourself and the surrounding world, the fullness of his perception, erudition, knowledge in different areas. A person without education rather unambiguous opinion would be one-colour and narrowly focused. In other words, people with a higher education thinks wider and more global (say at once, that among people with higher and secondary education, there is a very narrow-minded or Vice versa is very developed people).