Раскрыть скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Continuous или Present Simple. 1) I (not to know) what to give my brother for his birtday. 2)They (to want) to publish this book in July? 3)She (to think) he (to drive) dangerously. 4)He (to understand) that he (to eat) noisily, but he always (to forget) about it. 5) Who that man (to be) who (to stand) in the doorway? - You (not to recognize) him? It ( to be) John, my cousin.6) I ( to have) no time now, I ( to have) dinner. 7) Your family (to leave)St Petersburgin summer? - Yes, we always (to go) to the seaside. We all (to like) the sea. Mother (to stay) with us to the end of August, but father (to return) much earlier. 8)Where Tom and Nick (to be) now? - They (to have) a smoke in the garden. 9)What you (to do) here now? - We (to listen) to tape recordings. 10)You (to want) to see my father? - Yes, I ... .


Ответы и объяснения


1) don't know....

2) do they want to...?

3)thinks, drives

4) understands, eats, forgets

5) is , standing.  don't recognize.

6) do not, am having.

7) is your family leaving st pt in summer? -yes, we always go to the seaside. we all like the sea. mother stays with us to the end of august,but father returns....

8) are;are having

9) are you doing ; are listening

10) DO YOU WANT...? - yes, i do