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Tim: Good morning, Ben .Taking out your recycling , I see ?
Ben : Yes , it's a recycling pick-up-day . Where are your recycling containers ?
Tim: Oh , well, separating out all that garbage is such a headache , I just don't bother with it .
I'm not an environment-conscious person as you are , Ben .
Ben: Tim ! It's not that difficult . Even my teenage son separates his trash and you know what a lazybones he is . Recycling programs are very important for the preservation of our environment . We can't continue to pollute our country , otherwise we will have no clean areas left . We must become environmentally friendlly .
Tim : Okay ,okay - so much pressure ! We'll start recycling this week . You can see how well we have done next Saturday . I know recycling programs have brought more environment awareness and the environmental movement has become so popular and strong in the USA .
Ben: Oh , that's just it ! But I won't be here next weekend , we're going on vacation .
Tim :Really ?Where are you going ?
Ben: We are taking a camping vacation in Yosemite National Park .
Tim : I've been to Yosemite . I didn't like it . It was too crowded .
Ben: Which part did you visit ?
Tim: We stayed two nights in one of the campgrounds in the valley near Half Dome . There were big crowds and a bear stole our food one night .
Ben: Well , the bears have become pretty bold in Yosemite lately . They are not afraid of cars or people anymore .
Tim: Boy , was my wife afraid ! We ended up leaving a day early because she was so scared of the bears .
Ben : well , I think you should try going some place further outside of the valley next time . Then you’ll enjoy every minute of your stay . I think it is worth it to really get away from it all sometimes and enjoy nature with nobody else around .
Tim: I guess I am just not a big fan of nature and the great outdoors ! I hope you enjoy yourself , being in the peace and quiet of nature .
Ben: Me , too . We’ll tell you all about it when we get back and you’ll share your recycling experience with me .


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