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ОБРАЗЕЦ: get up late?
did you get up late last weekend Ответ: late
1. what/do in the morning
2. what /make for breakfast
3. go to (dance/music) class
4. what time /have lunch
5. What / do after lunch
6. go to sports practice
7. Where /go out to play with your friends
8. go to the funfair
9. what time /go to bed
Образец: last weekend Nikita got up late. I got up late, too.


Ответы и объяснения

2) What did you do in the morning? 3) What did you make for breakfast? 4) Did you go to dance or music class? 5) What time did  you have lunch? 6) What did you do after lunch? 7) Did you go to sport practice? 8) Where did you go to play with your friends out? 9) Did you go to funfair? 10) What time did you go to bed?