b) Last year she had a typical Christmas.Write down what she did last Christmas.
1.She decorated the Christmas thee.

текст:Read how Carol celebrates Christmas.
My favourite holiday is Christmas.We decorate the Christmas tree and our house.My little sister writes a letter to Santa Claus asking him for presents.I don`t write letters to Santa Claus.I am big already.I know my parents buy Christmas presents for me and her,our relatives and friends.I don`t buy presents for my grandparents.I make funny toys for them.My mother cooks a special Christmas dinner.We invite our grandparents to our place.On the 25th of December my sister and I get up early in the morning .There are two stockings full of small presents on our beds.During the Christmas holidays we play,skate,watch TV,visit our friends and eat a lot of tasty things.


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2. She made funny toys for grandparents.
3. She didn't write letters to Santa Claus.
4. They invited grandparents to their place.
5. On the 25th of December she found two stocking full of small presents on their beds.
6. During the Christmas holidays they played, skated, watched TV, visited friends and ate a lot of tasty things.
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