!!!! ПЛИЗ !!! напишите любой диалог на английском , предложений нужно 20 -25 ни больше ,ни меньше


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Hello,Max!-Hi,Ted! Sorry,I'm late!-Where have you been?Our film will start in 10 minutes!   Hurry up!We need buy our tickets!-Let's go!(at the booking office)-Can we buy tickets for the film"Avatar"?-Yes,sure.They cost 40 hryvnas-Take your money. Thank you!!!(after the film)-Max,what can you say about the  film?Did you like it?-Oh,yes, I did. It's fantastic!The actors and the plot are wonderful!And what about you,Ted?-I liked the film too!It 's the best film I have ever seen!Oh,it's time to go!See you tomorrow!-Ok.Bye!