1 Write sentences with have got or has got: affirmative (+). negative (-) or guestion (?)
а) he / a computer (-)
б) Paola / a cat (+)
в) she / a nice bedroom (?)
г) we / a small kitchen (+)
д) you / a riler (? )
е) they / a car (-)

2 Complete the sentences with a, an or the.

We've got (1)__________ old house with (2) ________ garden. (3)________ garden is big.
I've got (4)_________ cat and (5)_________ dog. (6)__________ cat is called Suzy and (7)__________ dog is called Chico.
She's got (8)______________ interesting book for our project. (9)________________ booc has got old photos of Cambridge.

3 Complete the sentences with This, that, these or those.
1 Who are __________ people in the street?
2 What are __________ on my desk?
3 Come here. Look at _______ exercise.
4 Pass me ______ dictionary, please.


Ответы и объяснения

1.a)He hasn't got a computer. б)Paola has got a cat. в)Has she got a nice bedroom? г)We have got a small kitchen. д)Have you got a ruler? е)They haven't got a car.
2. 1)an 2) a 3)The 4)a 5)a 6)the 7)the 8)an 9)the
3.1)Those 2)these 3)this 4)that