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1) The environment would be much clear if people did not use so many chemicals
2) I would help If i had more time
3) If i did not go to that exhibition in December, I would not have met Jim.
4) If she did not study so hard last month, she would not have passed her Maths exam.
5) If I win lots of money, I would plant lots of beautiful gardens in the cities.
6) If you got up earlier, you wouldn't have missed the 8 o'clock train.
7) If people didn't drop so much litter, our streets would be cleaner.
8) I would have gone to the cinema tonight if I wasnt so tired.
9) If he informed me earlier, I would have done something about it.
10) What would you do if a fire broke out in your house?
11) If I spoke three foreign languages, I would get that fantastic job.
12) If you did not read the book in your childhood, you would not have answered that simple question and won the prize.
13) She didn't want to be disturbed if it wasn't that important.