Role play.What advice can you give about visiting your country in summer?Here are some questions of a foreigner,try to answer them.: 1)What clothes should / shouldn't I take? 2)What spcial places should I see? 3)What sort of things can I do? 4)What food do you recommend? 5)Where should I stay? 6)Is your city good for shopping? Hеlp me plеase!!!!!!!!!!!-ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА


Ответы и объяснения


rains are usual for ane season, so you should take an umbrellar.Jackets and sweaters are nessesary too.If the perpose of your visit matrimonial, you should take jeans and shorts.You should see         churches and cathedrals in Russia. This country is rich in history. are many museums, monuments, and theatres. The most popular tourist destinations are Moscow and Saint Petersburg. If you are in Russia, you should see at least those two cities. You can go sightseeing in Russia, organize camping.Russians are very fond of soups (which include meat, vegetables and broth), pies and pelmeny (similar to ravioli).

When you choose a travel agency, make sure that they have a reliable Russian partner in the city you are going to visit, otherwise you can be lodged in a hotel .

Our city is very good for shopping. There are a lot of shop centres there.