Ответы и объяснения

How to find balance? You were accused of incompetence. Or in what you offer to the project, obviously doomed to failure. Whether convince that your project is good and good? I think worth it if you have thought of everything in detail. And if you pointed out the mistakes, should they modify. But sometimes it happens: you are accused of incompetence of the people who have the authority, but, to put it mildly, not knowledge of the situation.

Why is this happening? I once noticed: constantly, no matter where she worked, I have someone to «fight». And the same thing - my niece. And, subsequently, very often, that our point of view was correct.

I remember that even in the primary grades, I had to defend his innocence. Case simply, it would seem, but illustrative. We ourselves washed the floors in the class after school. And, of course, the dirty water had poured out on to the dump (Sewerage while at school.

And so I came to school after his duty cleaning class and I was summoned to the office. The angry janitor accused me that I threw out the dirty water directly near крылечка school, but still with a bit of paper. I was forced to remove. But I'm stubborn, saying that it did not I. Actually I washed the floors are not only in the classroom but in the hallway, too, poured the water where expected and therefore expected praise.

And this was such a turn... I was very upset, because I was raised to think that lying is not good, I clearly learned. But my justification, no one heard. And my stubbornness is also not understood. Started the insults, I was so sad that I cried.

I gathered lead to the Director General. It was horrible, I remember my childhood experience. But what really follows learned about my execution culprit, I don't know, once a girl from a parallel class came and confessed his fault. Put away all the silently, the incident is over. In front of me, of course, no one bothered to apologize. And I still long time felt humiliated and dishonored...

Why do instead of the triumph of justice I experienced such negative emotions? Now I understand: absent positive template, and negative template and then manifested, and the production. Always was the man who гнобил me unfairly. And it was useless to prove something, to explain something...

One day I was in complete bewilderment: why I wrote an internal memo master that I was her material in the presence of workers, called all sorts of obscenities. To the Director, a vast such a note, painted was just like in the play, with all allegedly took place the details, even the words were listed... And I wondered, moreover, that was not at all this, and a reason to take revenge on me in this way for any friction between us. We did not quarrel, did not have a conflict neither the service nor after work...