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I think each of us should have a best friend who can support in difficult times . This person understands you perfectly knows about you even more than you did .
Fortunately, my life is such a person . My girlfriend name is Oksana. I can not say that we are friends from early childhood , but despite this , we have a lot of common interests and hobbies. For example , read a book one genre , like spending time together , admire dancing and sports.
It should also be noted that we Oksana very similar. But is not the appearance, but rather in the nature . We combine such qualities as kindness , compassion, honesty. These features are shown in relation to each other. Personally, I respect the opinion of his friends , often listen to it.
Played a great role in our friendship and the fact that we learn in one class. That is to say all the free time spend together. I remember a lot of different events that are dear to us both.
I can be firmly confident Oksana. It is not capable of meanness , never betray me. I think the most important thing in friendship - is telling the truth , in any case not dissemble . Oksana also adheres to this rule , and always open to me the truth no matter how bitter it sometimes is. My friend shows me the errors , trying to fix me, the better. Of course, sometimes it's not very nice to hear , but I understand that Oksana law. That 's what I appreciate it most .
It is unlikely in my life to meet people like Oksana. I am more than confident that our friendship last a very long time . At least, I will do everything possible for that .