Спаситеееее! Срочно нужно перевести на английский язык номера 10,11,12!( на фото) заранее большое сссспппааассссииибббоооооо


Ответы и объяснения

play the piano
speak French
play computer games
speak five languages
be a music teacher
look at the picture
stand up, sit down
meet someone

1. My birthday is on September 15.
2. What's his name? - Peter. - What kind of person is he? - Peter is kind, friendly, and very nice.
3. He is eleven years old. He speaks English and French.
4. This is my grandfather. He is seventy-two years old.
5. My brother is two years old. He's very funny.
6. Vanya enjoys playing the guitar.
7. How old is your sister? – She is ten.
8 Who is Peter? – He is my brother.
9 Who is Ann’s father? - His name is Michael. He's a pilot.
10. Whose daughter is Anya? - Michael and Svetlana’s.

Olga is ten years old.
She is a tall girl, slim and beautiful. She has large dark eyes and long blond hair. Olya is kind and friendly. She is very smart. She knows to play the piano and write poetry. She has two sisters. Lena is thirteen years old. She speaks two languages​​, English and French. Masha is eight years old. The younger sister is noisy and funny. She sings and dances. We have a big family. My mom is a teacher. She is thirty-five years old. She's tall, dark-haired and very beautiful.

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Боже, как легко вас сделать счастливой :)