Помогите пожалуйста!!!!(15 предложений)очень прошу if you were offered to live in past what epoch would you choose and why


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There is no doubts that I'd choose 20th century as the most interesting epoch to live in. I've been always mesmerized by the beauty, elegance of dresses and grace of so called "Belle Époque" - the period before the World War the First. Although this century was probably the most contradictory and difficult in the long history of mankind, it also has its own advantages. Who would be against living in the time when the man only starts to investigate his limitless possibilities? It's the time of appearance of so many things, which absence we can't even consider nowadays. I'd also choose 20th century as it's quite civilized époque but not spoiled by technological satiety.
The mental painting of graceful dancing women in huge bright halls with their refined hairstyle and adjusted partners in strict black suits amuse me. The picture of old cars that costs so much that it's even impossible to count with champagne spilling as the river.
By the way, it's all the lyric. Let's speak about the last half of 20th century and post-war time. I'm Russian. And, as almost every Russian person, I consider 20th century as the most contradictory period of the history of my country, but also as the most powerful period of its history. It's hard to see my beloved country nowadays - and I wanna save myself, deeply dipping into bittersweet memories of Russia's history archive. Our century is fully satisfied with progress and science revolution. Our century is literally dead.
20th century is the time of mankind' awakening, of its consciousness of its opportunities and awful consequences of their action simultaneously.