Are you (1)_____ of travelling? At first sight, having a job which (2)_____ going on long business (3)_____ looks glamorous. The reality, however, often (4)_____ from the image. Many business travellers soon (5)_____ off living out of a suitcase. As a business traveller, you often (6)_____ at a place, (7)_____ into the hotel, haveyour meetings and then (8)_____ immediately back to the airport. Many business travellers rarely (9)_____ timeto see the (10)_____ or experience the local culture.
1A keenB interestedC fondD enthusiastic
2A containsB involvesC occupiesD needs
3A tripsB journeysC travelsD voyages
4A breaksB altersC changesD differs
5A comeB goC areD take
6A arriveB reachC getD make
7A checkB examineC lookD inspect
8A run overB pull outC set offD join in
9A discoverB findC locateD place
10A sightsB picturesC displaysD scenes


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