1 There is a big table______
2There is a new computer______
3 there are beautiful pictures_____
4 there is a bed ____
5 there are chairs______
6 there are toys____
7 there is a thick carpet______
8 there is a comfortable sofa_____
9 there is a bath_______
10 there is a washing machine___
11 there is a small bookcase_____
12 there are funny posters_____
Задание : Закончите предложения,используйте слова.

Слова : on the walls in the living room on the floor in the corner in the bedroom round the table in the bathroom in the kitchen under the bed in the study


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1 There is a big table in the living room 
2There is a new computer in the corner 
3 there are beautiful pictures on the walls 
4 there is a bed in the bedroom  
5 there are chairs round the table 
6 there are toys  under the bed  
7 there is a thick carpet on the floor 
8 there is a comfortable sofa in the living room  
9 there is a bath in the bathroom 
10 there is a washing machine in the kitchen  
11 there is a small bookcase in the study
12 there are funny posters on the walls