Помогите с Англиским сама решить не могу

вот задание:

Напиши письмо другу о том, как вы готовились и празновали День матери.

Написала так:

Dear Nikita (а что дальше писать?)


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Dear Nikita, yesterday I made a present to my mother!! Because it was a DAY MOTHER`S.Yesterday I was very tired.But I wanted , what on   day mother`s my mother will be happy!So I made a present.When my mum slept,I qot up at five o`clock.And I went to made a cake.When cake was finished and it was six o`clock, I went to my bedroom   and drew a picture.When my mum qot up and went to the kitchen where was a cake,she was so happy when she saw  a cake and my picture .She didn`t  understand  what it is meant.Then  I went to my mum and Kissed her!!!! And she understanded what it was ME!!!