7) A vet is a dangerous job, isn't it? Why? 8) Who can become a vet? 9) Would you like to be a vet? 10) What do vets have to learn about?


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7. Sometimes a vet can be a dangerous job if you try to cure a lion or a tiger. 8. Only kind people who love animals can  become a vet. 9. Idon*t want to be a vet because I am afraid of blood. but I like animals. 10. All vets must know information about animals. their body. food and a lot of more

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7) Yes, vet can be a dangerous job, depends on situation.

8) Anyone can become a vet, but you have to love animals and your job.

9) I never thought about it, but I love animals, so there are some possibilities.

10) I'm sure that vet has to learn a lot; you have to learn the anatomy of different animals, illnesses and their treatments.