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“No man is an island”, this phrase I believe defines the sense of a community. Whether we like it or not, we all belong to a community of some sort.   As a whole we are all part of a community of human beings, with a common interest of surviving.   Of course this large community can be broken down into much smaller groups.As a result we usually can identify more than one that we feel we belong to.
For me, the most important and perhaps the one that makes me who I am is the family community. When talking about any group of people, who live in the same area or have common backgrounds and interests, the only word that even comes close to community can be translated as family.   Family is what makes you or breaks you. When a child is born, the whole family comes together to name the child, usually giving a name of an ancestor or a word defining a particular characteristic such as kindness, mercy or sometimes even sorrow. This is the name that you will then be known as for the rest of your life and everywhere you go, those who know the meaning of your name, will know where you come from and what kind of person you are based on your family’s history.