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The idea to make December 25, the feast of the Nativity appeared in the 4th century. The Church sought to get rid of paganism: the fact that around the same time traditionally celebrated the day of birth of the Roman God of the sun. Therefore, the Church fathers have established a new, Christian holiday commemorating the birthday of Jesus Christ, which would replace the Roman.

In America Christmas is celebrated not immediately early colonists puritans for the holidays in General have been suspicious, and in Massachusetts, it was even banned.

Do you know any traditions of Christmas in England? The cinema? (The story is accompanied by a multimedia presentation)

Night before Christmas is called «night of candles». In England these days in the Christmas eve instead of the traditional Christmas logs lit thick Christmas candle.

By the beginning of XX century from a large social events throughout the community Christmas is a family holiday, just some of its old customs have survived. Everywhere, for example, observed among the British custom of exchanging gifts on Christmas day.

Since the XIX century. became the custom of exchanging gift cards instead of mandatory when personal congratulations. In 1843, was printed at the printing house, the first Christmas card, and soon their production has become a special industry printing production.
Christmas lunch in our days includes traditional dishes such as stuffed Turkey (the British) or roast goose (Wales, Ireland) and indispensable плум-pudding. Still the old custom of decorating the house for Christmas branches of eternal greenery - ivy остролистом and other As before, strengthen sprig of mistletoe above the door.
Later transformation of customary to decorate the house of eternal greenery was a Christmas tree Christmas tree, as a symbol of undying nature. The custom of decorating fir appeared in England just recently, in the middle of the XIX century, and was brought here from Germany.
In Scotland, Ireland and Wales for the Christmas dinner usually cooked piece of roast beef or goat meat - Christmas bull (Yule bull) or Christmas goat (Yule goat). But gradually traditional meat dish at Christmas became fried (in Ireland, Wales) or smoked (in Scotland) goose.
Decoration of the table is the Christmas cake. 
On Christmas eve, crowds of people gather in Trafalgar square, at the main tree, England, where charitable organizations arrange performances for adults and children singing. Approximately the same happens on Leicester square, where is the fun fair. Residents and tourists can enjoy themselves at carnivals and festivals in the Coven Garden, exercise at the traditional Christmas competitions for the prize of Peter pan, and then relax in Hyde Park and the pond of the Serpentine.
In Edinburgh in the night of New year is especially a lot of people is on Princes street. In the churches is a Christmas service. Fruit and pastry shops stay open all night. Coming of the New year proclaim the bells, whistles and sirens plants. After 12 hours of all congratulate each other and go home, festive tables.
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