B11 For years the old town theatre was a failure. It was very expensive but not comfortable,and most of the plays

performed were ______ . POPULAR

B12 In an attempt to make it more ______ , they began putting on more comedies and well known,successful COMMERCE


B13 Because the audiences were made up of ______ young people with low incomes and studfnts, discounted MAIN

tickets were introduced.

В14 In ______ ,there was the issue of the uncomfortable seating. Despite the huge cost, the old seats were ripped ADD

out and new ones installed.

B15 All of these measures made the theatre’s new owner rather ______ . Would there be enough new customers to ANXIETY

make up for all the money invested?

В16 But in ______ everything has worked out really well. Audiences are on average three times larger than before. REAL

The theatre is now an outstanding success. Помогите пожалуйста поставить слова в правильную форму!)


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