Fill in the gaps in the letter/Допиши письмо.
Hello?my friend !
Me name ___.I am ___.I ____to school.I"ve ____a friend.......
2 класс Верещагина.


Ответы и объяснения

Hello, my friend!
My name is Ray. I am pupil. I go to school. I've a friend. Her name is Ann . She has a mother. Her mother is a doctor. She works in hospital. Her father works in hospital too. My girlfriend likes to play piano. I like to play guitar. It's fun to spend my time with her.
Bye, yours Ray.
Спасибо,большое .I've a friend не дописал...
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Hello!my friend!
my name is Artem.i am a pupil.i go to school.i"ve got a friend.he learns with me,at second class.her name is Vereshagina.