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Many people believe in superstitions. They are afraid of black cats and hate the number 13. they are sure it is lucky to say "white rabbits" on the first day of the month. Do you believe in superstitions?
what is your opinion?
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Soon the New Year , Christmas, while waiting for a fairy tale wonderland. There is a sign of " how to celebrate the New Year , so spend it " and many go out of their way , what would a festive night was the most vivid . And in fact that is the transition from December 31 to January 1 ? just change the calendar.This sign - one of their set , the people have a mass of any prejudices and superstitions for all occasions .The word - superstition is quite interesting in its composition : Sue - Veroia belief in vain ....." Superstition - prejudice , whereby much happening seems a manifestation of supernatural powers , or a sign of fate omen of the future ." Here, for example , a sign associated with cats ::Black cats bring good luck and prosperity .  Weird , huh? We're confident that this is a black cat in trouble .And there are still 13 Friday , look in the mirror , if returned halfway , pearls for the bride - tears in marriage and so on, so forth.The Orthodox Church rejects any kind of prejudice , considering their heritage paganism. Certainly it is so , because the result that there are these signs , most of them - as a result of fear and do not understand the cause of some phenomena forgotten rites which we inherited from our ancestors.I'm not talking about the weather folk superstitions , it is somewhat different topic , they emerged as a result of long-term observations of the phenomena of nature , no. I'm talking about prejudice, which at first glance do not submit reasonable explanation . Here, for example , why the left palm itches money? And why does it work? )
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