Fill in the gaps and compete the sentences.Use mustn't or don't / doesn't have to

1. You ... open the window. The child is playing here.

2. You ... cross the road. It's dangerous (опасно).

3. You ... wait for me. I can take a bus.

4. He... goout. It's very cold.

5. I ... go to school on Sundays.

6. I late today. Our teacher is going to give us a test/

7. Children ... watch TV late in theevening


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1. You ... open the window. The child is playing here. mustn't 
2. You ... cross the road. It's dangerous (опасно). mustn't 
3. You ... wait for me. I can take a bus. don't have to
4. He... go out. It's very cold. doesn't have to
5. I ... go to school on Sundays. don't have to
6.  I late today. Our teacher is going to give us a test. mustn't 
7.  Children ... watch TV late in the evening. mustn't