Перевести с русского на английский желательно без переводчика ну или более менее правильно


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I'd reccomend you buy a ticket there and back.
yo'd better booked the hotel  for a travel agency.
you like horse riding.
we would prefer to travel by plane.
i probably  go in the subway.
before traveling,would be better revered tourism  projects.
on my vacation,i would like to learn archery.
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1.I would advise you to by a ticket from here and out here (не могу литературно перевести последние слова)
2. it would be better to reserve a flat in travel agency
3. You will enjoy a horse riding
4. We would like to travel by plane
5. I would like travel by subway
6. Before the trip you would be better to read travel brochures
7.On holyday i would like to learn an archery.
Я старался без переводчика, но незнакомые слова с переводчиком переводил. А их было мало)