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Рецепт чего? конкретно?
салат оливье
маленький рецепт на английском языке ПОЖАЛУЙСТА оливье
Today we are gont to cook Cesar salad. We need chicken, cherry tomatoes, salad, Parmesan cheese and special Cesar sauce( with mayo, of course) and bread crackers. You have to fry two chicken breasts. While it is frying. you have to mix salad with grated(тертый) cheese, tomatoes and our special sauce. Then you have to put in this mass chicken breasts. Bon appetit)
going to*
Halved cherry tomatoes and half a little incision breed in hand to get elytra ladybirds .Puts on fish sandwiches ( with no red fish , such as oil , more contrast and looks even more beautiful ) .Of quarters of pitted black olives do head .Of very small pieces of olives do spots on the elytra . Remaining decorate with greenery .Sprigs of greenery can be inserted in the head , you could ...Very nice look curly twigs ( in my opinion so called) parsley , but at the time of preparation I did not have it ..Bon appetit!