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The best place for a rest is my native city Volgograd. It’s very large and the most beautiful city I have ever seen. I really enjoy the Museum - panorama, where a guide tells everybody about Stalingrad Battle. It is very interesting and unforgettable. You can ride a boat along the great Russian river the Volga. There is a famous Mamaev Kurgan and a beautiful embankment in Volgograd. There are many cinemas and theatres in my city too. The hotel "Volgograd" is one of the most beautiful hotel of the city.  Oor city is worth visiting. Come to my place and see how amazing it is. We’ll walk or ride a bus round the city to see all the attractions and sightseeing.
Очень патриотично! Супер!!! Самой захотелось приехать (это без сарказма:-)))
I think, that the best place for a vacation is Egypt! And I 'll tell you why. This August I went to Sharm-el-Sheik, Egypt. I went there with my parents. We went there by plane. We stayed in hotel "Gufa". We spent a lot of time on the seaside and near the pool. We also had some interesting excursions - to Cairo and to Israel and on the boat. Best of all I liked the excursion on the boat. Some people were diving but i was snorkling. I saw different kinds of fish there. Red Sea is absolutely beautiful. I really like the way I spent my trip! And there's much more to do in Sharm-el-Sheik, and it's always hot there. That's why  I think it is the best place for a vacation.