Проект на английском с переводом на тему как люди могут попытаться спасти землю


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Writers and commentators, I think, first broke through the dam of being blessed, which stood on the ways of solution of ecological problems in our country. Talk about ecology now, in the beginning of XXI century - is to speak not about a change of life, as before, and her salvation. We have to save the rivers which turn into gutters with ugly pimples reservoirs, save the soil from erosion and destructive ravines, save green sea of the taiga, save the air from all the growing pollution. Today, the line of the struggle for nature passes through every forest and arable land, "on the limits of the Yasnaya Polyana and fincas Ostrovsky, on the shore of some rivers, deserts, with their sand dunes, and if this war is really civic: it would not be citizens - there would be no war"    " Позовчера задовали тоже самое =) "