Modern Romans is still serve the ancient bridges , the largest city of fountains use water aqueduct Aqua Vrgo , built during the reign of Augustus , and the ruins of the Baths of Caracalla used as a giant natural scenery of the opera house , which puts on this background, " Aida ."
No other city in the world , kotrory would be able to inspire a person stolraznoobraznye , sometimes opposite feelings and moods .
  He then turns to its modern , busy, hectic almost facade, the sparkling lights of advertisements , then shows overgrown grass , holding hundreds of thousands of square meters of vacant lots where only ruins sad reminder of what once was in full swing here brilliant life of the capital of a world empire . Now here is the silence , debris, lizards basking on the bases and the survivors turned kapetelyah columns.
  In essence , there are two of Rome. One - live modern city whose appearance and still define architectural ensembles of the Renaissance. Another - located on the south -west from Piazza Venezia, - is a gigantic field of ruins of ancient Rome , including from time to time come across the ancient Christian church , sometimes on the roof plunged into the earth, and rare, like the grim fortifications of medieval churches . These ruins - the monuments of great works of mankind. They talk about the

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Rome - the only city in the world, which has earned a kind of honorary title : the Eternal City .         So Rome became known in the I century BC, when he was already very old, but not aging city. On the contrary, from age to age , he gained pace, and grew its size , power and splendor that even time proved powerless before this amazing city .