Выберите правильный ответ.
1)I eat ... meat. I prefer fish.
A.very few B. a few C.very little
2)"Has he got many friends?" "Yes, ..."
A.a little B.a lot C.much
3)I've got ... free time now!
A.very little B.very few C.few
4)Very ... people can speak Welsh.
A.few B.little C..a lot
5)She doesn't eat sweets ... because she is on a diet.
A.a lot B.many C.much
6)There ... pencils in the drawer. Take one.
A.a lot B.a few C.a little
7)You haven't got ... flowers in your garden this year
A.much B.a lot C.many
8)Put ... chocolate in the cake.
A.a little B.a few C.few


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