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1)переделать предложения из прямой речи в косвенную речь.
1)He said to the DJ, "I can sing at alive".2)He said, " I am sure she will visit us when she is back in Oryol."3) Misha said, "I saw them in the theatre." 4) He said, "I have not seen my cousin today."5) Helen said,"I do not watch this channel very often".6) Tom said,"I have already read this book, so I know what it is about."7) He said,"Mery has just won a guiz on this radio."8)"I am going to the theatre tonight,"he said to me.9)Mike said,"I spoke to Ms. Brown this morning."10) He said to his friend,"I shall listen to this CD today if I have time." 11) Oled said,"My room is on the second floor".


Ответы и объяснения

He told the DJ he could sing at alive.
He said he was sure she would visit them when she was back in Oryol.
Misha said he had seen them in the theatre.
He said he hadn't seen his cousin that day.
Helen said she didn't watch that channel very often.
Tom said he had already read that book, so he knew what it was about.
He told Mery had just won a quiz on that radio.
He told me he was going to the theatre that night.
Mike said he had spoken to Ms. Brown that morning.
He told his friend he should listen to that CD that day if he had time.
Oled said that his room was on the 2nd floor.