Помогите написать личное письмо не обязательно про больницу главное что бы было личное ...по примеру


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Dear Molly,

it was great to hear from you again.
I want to apologize for not writing earlier, every time I've read your letters, I didn't have time to reply.
Answering your questions...
I think that the best way of spending time or holidays is travelling to other countires. If not going aborad, the good ones are going to cafés, theatres, cinemas; if not in the evening, I prefer walking in the forest. You feel freedom when having rest this way, you become happy.
As for watching items, watching the movie (even if you do not know the story) is fantastic. Unfortunately, I don't know how to spend my spare time the way I would have fun. Looking forward to receiving your reply!

Lots of love,