Напишите на английском языке письмо, в котором вы приглашаете своего англ. друга по переписке в свой родной город Москву. Напишите, чем знаменито это место. Опишите климат и погоду в Москве.


Ответы и объяснения

Dear Robert,
Elena and I would like to invite you to visit us in Ekaterinburg. After all, you want visit the Siberia or the Urals? We have a rest in July, will you be able to come at this time?In the summer we have very good! We have thought of everything. We will acquaint you with Ekaterinburg, which is the capital of the Urals. We will visit the Museum of Stone Carving Art, will show you the biggest temples and monasteries, will hold you through the nature park "Deer Streams".We also invite you to our cottage, which is located on the shores of picturesque Lake "Baltim". We will be a barbecue, swim and sunbathe. And introduce you to our friends. There will be a lot of fun!If you agree, then write sooner. We'll tell you how it should be done. All your expenses in Russia we vozmem over. All your expenses in Russia we take on. And you will live in our apartment, we have already prepared for you a private room.
Looking forward to your reply.