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Complete this article about the magazine Time Out by using words from the list below. Decide whether to put the verbs into the Present Simple or Present Continuous.
Использовать слова:
own, look for, move, investigate, rely, want, provide, try to.
Time Out: time to expand.
Time Out, the London entertainment magazine, has plans for expansion. It already (1) ….. the monthly magazine Paris Passion, and now it (2) ….. beyond France to other markets such as Argentina and Japan. Tony Elliott, Time Out’s founder, says he (3) ….. local people to initiate and run the magazine, as Time Out’s London office does not have the cash or management time. Elliott also has plans for the website, Timeout.com, which was launched in 1995 and (4) ….. information about more than 30 cities. It (5) ….. On advertising revenue and a small amount of money from ticket sales to survive. But as Time Out changes and expands, Tony Elliott (6) ….. persuade advertisers in the printed version to take more space on the Internet site. Also, he (7) ….. The possibility of charging visitors to the site for access to some information. Despite these expansion plans, Elliott says that a flotation on the stock market is out of the question. He (8) ….. to keep control of the business he has built up.


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Time Out, the London entertainment magazine, has plans for expansion. It already (1) OWNS the monthly magazine Paris Passion, and now it (2) MOVING beyond France to other markets such as Argentina and Japan. Tony Elliott, Time Out’s founder, says he (3) IS LOOKING FOR local people to initiate and run the magazine, as Time Out’s London office does not have the cash or management time. Elliott also has plans for the website, Timeout.com, which was launched in 1995 and (4) PROVIDES information about more than 30 cities. It (5) RELIES on advertising revenue and a small amount of money from ticket sales to survive. But as Time Out changes and expands, Tony Elliott (6) TRIES TO persuade advertisers in the printed version to take more space on the Internet site. Also, he (7) INVESTIGATES. the possibility of charging visitors to the site for access to some information. Despite these expansion plans, Elliott says that a flotation on the stock market is out of the question. He (8) WANTS to keep control of the business he has built up.