Напишите пожалуйста на английском текст очень простой 10 предложений про кошку повтооряю очень лёгкие и маленькие предложения . ПППОООООММММОООООООООГГГГГГГГГГГИИИИИИИИТТТТТТТТЕЕЕЕЕЕЕ!!


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Cats are very cute creatures.The Zoological point of view, the domestic cat is a mammal of the family cat detachment of prey.Being a single hunter on rodents and other small animals, the cat is a social animal that uses to communicate a wide range of sounds, as well as pheromones, and body movement.Currently there are about 600 million domestic cats[9], withdrawn about 256 species, long-haired (Persian cat) to deprived wool (Sphinx)recognized and registered various felinological organizations.
это все что я смогла написать)
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I have a cat. Her name is Dasha and her 5 years. She is small in stature. Dasha thick white hair, yellow-green eyes, a pink nose, pink paw paws, bushy tail and long whiskers. My cat in different locations behave differently. For example, in the kitchen she is kind and loving, because he wants to get something tasty. In my room Dasha asleep. In the hall she runs, jumps and plays. On the street it is cowardly because Dasha domestic cat and she was afraid to be in unfamiliar places. Dasha is very curious and intelligent. I love my cat.
а я что на китайском написал?
ты на русском,а там по русски было написано напишите на английском)
глупая ,там выше написано мое решение по-английски....
только что увидела)и так занята)пытаюсь сделать литературу)
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