НА АГЛИЙСКОМ!!)) написать мини сочинение на тему "кем я хочу стать" (инжинером)

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I do not know who I will be when I grow up . In the world there are many different professions , and each is interesting in its own way.
Maybe I'll surf ocean ship or fly to other planets . Or on home soil will grow bumper crops of wheat, will plant flowering gardens .But my childhood attracts appliances, and I decided to become an engineer .Engineer - it sounds good ! Such an understanding of the profession was in Soviet times . First of all, this was due to the complexity of learning engineering degree and subsequent work related to the world of formulas and drawings, virtually closed for an ignorant person.
Engineering profession - the profession mass of skilled labor . In our country, more than a third of specialists with higher education - engineers .Engineer is involved in the production of material wealth of society - from food and consumer goods to sophisticated computers and rockets .Modern engineer - a specialist with high culture and knowledgeable in modern equipment and technology , business administration , able to use engineering methods for solving engineering problems and at the same time having the ability to invent .