Exercise 31Put the verbs in brackets into the simple
present or the present continuous tense.

Cuckoos (not build) nests. They (use) the nests of other birds.

2 You
can't see Tom now: he (have) a bath.

3 He
usually (drink) coffee but today he (drink) tea.

What she (do) in the evenings? ~

She usually (play) cards or (watch) TV.

5 I
won't go out now as it (rain) and I -(not
have) an umbrella.

6 The
last train (leave) the station at 11.30.

7 He
usually (speak) so quickly that I (not understand) him.

8 Ann
(make) a dress for herself at the moment.She (make) all her

own clothes.

Hardly anyone (wear) a hat nowadays.

10 I'm afraid I've broken one of your
coffee cups.—

Don't worry. I (not like) that set anyway.

11 I (wear) my sunglasses today because
the sun is very strong.

12 Tom
can't have the newspaper now because his aunt (read) it.

13 I'm
busy at the moment. I (redecorate) the sitting room.

14 The
kettle (boil) now. Shall I make the tea?

15 You (enjoy) yourself or would you like to leave now?-

I (enjoy) myself very much. I (want) to stay to the end.

16 How you (get) to work as a rule? ~

I usually (go) by bus but tomorrow I (go) in Tom's car.

17 Why you (put) on your coat? ~

I (go) for a walk. You (come) with me?-

Yes, I'd love to come. You (mind) if I bring my dog?

18 How much you (owe) him?-

I (owe) him
Ј5. ~

You (intend) to pay him?

19 You (belong) to your local library?-

Yes, I do.-

You (read) a lot?-

Yes, quite a lot.-

How often you (change) your books? —

I (change) one every day.

20 Mary usually (learn) languages very quickly but she (not seem) able

to learn modern Greek.

21 I always (buy) lottery tickets but I never (win) anything.

22 You (like) this necklace? I (give) it to my daughter for her birthday


23 I won't tell you my secret unless you (promise) not to tell anyone. -

I (promise).

24 You
always (write) with your left hand?

25 You (love) him?-

No, I (like) him very much but I (not love) him.

26 You
(dream) at night?-

Yes, I always (dream) and if I (eat) too much supper I (have)


27 The
milk (smell) sour. You (keep) milk a long time?

These workmen are never satisfied; they always (complain).

29 We (use) this room today because the window in the other room is


30 He
always (say) that he will mend the window but he never (do) it.

31 You
(know) why an apple (fall) down and not up?

32 You
(write) to him tonight?-

Yes, I always (write) to him on his birthday. You (want) to send any


33 Tom and MrPitt (have) a long
conversation. I (wonder) what they

(talk) about.

34 You (believe) all that the newspapers say?-

No, I (not believe) any of it. ~

Then why you (read) newspapers?

35 This car (make) a very strange noise. You (think) it is all right?-

Oh, that noise (not matter). It always (make) a noise like that.

36 The fire (smoke) horribly. I can't see across the room.-

I (expect) that birds (build) a nest in the chimney.-

Why you (not put) wire across the tops of your chimneys?-

Tom (do) that sometimes but it (not seem) to make any difference.


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