DaD-Listen,boys . Do you reme mber it is your mother^s birthday tomorrow?
We couid arrange a party for her , couldn^t we?
Bob-Not a bad idea! Let^s think about it right now .
Jack-I know! I^ll be responsible for the music.
Dad-I^m going to...And you,Bob?
Jack-Am I? Why me? I think we should make a birthday cake together,...?
пожалуйста помогите как человеку,как другу прошу вас умоляю,меня убьют в школе допишите диалог,пррооошууу,скажу спасибо и дам сылку на личную станичку,хотите вам помагу с вопросом!!!!


Ответы и объяснения

1) of course, dad. can we arrange for her concert?
2)Yes, I also go with you. And you, Jack, will you make my mother cake
3)  I agree with you, Jack. so we all stay home and get ready for the holiday

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