Помогите написать сочинение про привидение по английскому СРОЧНО!!!!

можно и сторическое сочинение
Надо написать не меньше 15 предложений для 6 класса допустим:я увидела приведение это начало а конец это оказался только сон
Помогите (((((((

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Вот на английском:
In one abandoned with red stone castle towers and small windows settled cool ghost. Day it was engaged in farming: to restore order in the castle, sweep dirty track so that the dust was post. Once evening came, our cute ghost pull on a white bed sheet and quickly flew out through the main entrance of the castle. The hour of fun. That knocks out the window at home, then come into the house and pulled the blanket from sleeping, then buckets zagremit. But people are not angry at him, even loved him

А вот перевод:
В одном заброшенном каменном замке с красными башнями и маленькими окошками поселилось прикольное привидение. Днем оно занималось хозяйством: наводило порядок в замке, подметало грязные дорожки так, что пыль стояла столбом. Как только наступал вечер, наше милое привидение натягивало на себя белую простынку и быстро вылетало через главный вход замка. Наступал час веселья. То в окошко дома постучит, то войдет в дом и стащит одеяла со спящих, то ведрами загремит. Но люди не злились на него, а даже любили его за веселые шутки. 

The work of Oscar Wilde "Konvertil's Ghost" very unusual in content. In this work, facing the old season with a new, having their opinions and views. Ghost, being the mystical and abnormal shown to terrified because of complete lack of surprise and fear to anomalous phenomena. Moreover, this spirit scared actions of twins. It is capable to turn into a terrible monsters and pass through walls, smitten simple пуританством and indifference to the supernatural. No paranormal phenomena could neither frighten nor cause at least a little surprise Otisth. All the family take the spirit as something very unusual and interesting, but still very real. Cast, the purpose of which is fear and intimidation of others, was defeated his weapon.

No reincarnation bring couldn't scare not one of the inhabitants of the castle. In the end, coated on all sides, repeatedly humiliated and insulted the spirit loses all hope scare family Отисов, to return the former glory and flows into the perfect anguish. He initially refuses at first, to maintain the blood-stain, then sitting at the window, and then actually decides to try not to get caught inhabitant of the castle. Taken later new attempts at intimidation failed, and the spirit was quite discouraged, but suddenly he helped Virginia. With its help he could reveal to readers with an unexpected, but explaining his behavior side.

Кентервильское Ghost appears to the reader rather strange hero. One side - it would exist only negative purpose, but with another, истомленный soul, tired, lonely and wretched, tortured to death by hunger their relatives and, most importantly, dreams die spirit. He only superficially supernatural
, and deep down, he's quite common, if you understand him. This work demonstrates that in life you have to be able to listen to others, try to find the positive in each hand. Even the smallest person - child, a girl can help located next, if he wants to. This work teaches kindness and love.