Write a description of any of Walter Disney`s characters as you remember them.
10-12 предложений.
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Ответы и объяснения

Disney's first creation was a cartoon character that he named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This rabbit realized some popularity, but Walt Disney still kept up his search for the right character he wanted. And, it was in 1928, when Walt Disney took a five-day train trip with his wife Lillian, that he came up with the idea of a cartoon mouse named Mortimer. It is said that Disney actually fashioned the mouse after Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Whatever the case, his wife rejected the name of the mouse, and Disney ended up changing it from Mortimer to Mickey. When they arrived in California, Disney worked friend Ub Iwerks on creating Mickey Mouse. He made his debut on November 18, 1928, in a black and white cartoon called "Steamboat Willie." It was a talking picture, and Mickey Mouse said his first words, "Hot dog!" It is interesting to note that Mickey Mouse started out as an impish, mischievous character that played a cow's teeth like a xylophone in his first movie. He also performed other nasty little tasks as well. This image was soon changed, though, in order that he would appeal to a much wider audience.