Подчеркнуть правильный вариант, только прошу, не лишь-бы как) Заранее спасибо)

1. I am writing in connection with the advertisement which appeared/has appeared on 3 December.

2. I originally studied/have studied engineering at university

3.3. I now completed/have now completed a postgraduate degree in business and administration.

4. I’ve been trying/I’ve tried to find a permanent job for a considerable time.

5.Indeed, I have already worked/I have already been working for several companies on a temporary basis.

6. In my first job, I was/have been responsible for marketing.

7. I’ve been applying/have applied for several posts this year but I still did not manage/have not managed to find what I’m looking for.

8. The last job I applied/have applied for required applicants to speak some Japanese.

9. I started learning/have been learning English a few months ago but I did not obtain/have not obtained a qualification in it yet.

10. I have been waiting/have waited for a reply for several weeks and I still have not received/did not received any answer

11.I hope/have hoped that you would consider my application favourably.


Ответы и объяснения

4.i've tired
5.i have already worked
10.have waited