Нужно написать письмо в ответ,все как положено,все указания в работе.Заранее спасибо


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Dear andrew,
i was so happy to get your letter. 
You asked me how long it took me to do my homework. So i can't exactly answer this question because it depends on many factors. But in general it usually takes about 3 hours. Especially i need a lot of time to do math. I understand it but no matter this i usually spend most of time doing math. And, by the way, i always have much free time. Some people are surprised by it because they plan their day but whatever they dont have time to do everything they need. But i dont plan my day, personally i think we shouldnt plan our days because planing a day we will know all what ought to happen in future- so we'll know future. It's really awful.
I hope to hear from you soon,
( your name)