Помогите написать письмо санте клаусу и рожденственские трации


Ответы и объяснения

My letter to Santa ClausDear Santa Claus,My name is ___. I`m __. I live in __. I go to school. I like to play computer games. I can swim, skate and ski.I have gor a mother, a father and a sister. We are good friends. We like to go to the park and skate together. I love my little sister very much. Her name is Ann. She is only one. She is funny and I like to play with her.We like Christmas and New Year. We like presents. I`d like a new computer game and a toy for my sister. We have got a nice Chtistmas tree. Сome and see us. We love you,dear Santa.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!With love,by me