9.put in the missing letters; -..ndepend..nt, cur..o..s, und..rst..nding,t..pical, fri..ndly, l..ving, c..ring, t..lkative, n..ughty. 10.match the words. write down 4 sentences with any of these words: - sociable, clever, happy, intelligent, loving, healthy,thin, merry,friendly,talkative,strong,creative,slim, bright.


Ответы и объяснения


9. independent, curious, understanding, typical, friendly, living(или loving), caring, talkative, naughty.


10. Задание: сопоставьте слова и запишите 4 предложения...тут не видно что с чем сопоставлять(наверно должно быть 2 столбика)

4 предложения:


He is very clever boy.

On Christmas people usually says "Merry Christmas".

I have got many strong friends.

Jane like slim and creative boys.


independent, curious, understunding,tipical, friendly, loving, talkative, naughty.     



1.She was the happiest girl in the world.

2. He played tennis every day and spent two ours outdoors to be healthy in spite of his age.

3. She was so talkative that some people did not like her.

4. They were very  intelligent  and friendly boys.