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- Hello, Alina! How are you? Why are you looking so tired? 
- Hello, I am really very tired today. I was in the gym. 
- Really? Are you fond of sport? Why? 
- I take care about healthy lifestyle so I go to the gym every two days and do dancing. And what kind of sports are you fond of? 
- I am fond of  volleyball most of all. To my opinion it's a very interesting game. Playing voleyball is the most thing I like.
- How interesting! How many times a week do you go to your training
- There is a volleyball section at our school and I go there four times a week. 
- And what other kinds of sports are you fond of? 
- Besides it I like basketball, but sad to say I play it very badly. 
- I also play basketball badly. I'm afraid "of any ball". Do you smoke?
- Oh, no. Smoking is not for me. What about you.
Smoking is unhealthy thing. Well, Alina. Let's say good-bye each other,  I have to hurry home. I like reading too and today I have got a very good book to read.
- Ok, see you! 
- Be healthy!