опишите пожалуйта фотографию....на английском языке..пожалуйста ....очень надо...))))


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Ohh...this photo is very beautiful. In(on) this photo you can see the girl's face with the correct parameters. You can see a mystic forest, which remind the forest of the film-thriller. (Very scary, to be honest!) In(on) this photo keeps the secret of which no one should know.
I think that this picture was made by professional photographer, quite by chance.Nature has in itself all the most beautiful, but unfortunately not everyone under force to see the beauty of it.

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Эта фотография сделана осенью, потому что видны голые, сбросившие листву деревья. Пейзаж несёт в себе грусть и печаль поздней осени. Видны птицы улетающие на юг. На небе видны серые тучи, а на земле, если приглядеться, виден туман.


This photo is made in the autumn because the naked trees which have dumped foliage are visible. The landscape bears in itself grief and grief of late autumn. Birds departing on the south are visible. In the sky grey clouds, and on the earth are visible if to get accustomed, the fog is visible.